Beginner Forex Trading Course Logikfx


Top 3 Forex Trading Courses (Free vs Paid)

Top 3 Forex Trading Courses (Free vs Paid).

Top 3 Forex Trading Courses (Free vs Paid)

Top 3 Forex Trading Courses (Free vs Paid).

Beginner Forex Trading Course | Logikfx

Beginner Forex Trading Course | Logikfx.

New Beginner Forex Trading Course (Behind The Scenes)

In this video Marcus walks through the brand new beginners forex trading course released by Logikfx in June 2021.

What makes this course different, is its pure focus on learning experience, without sacrificing the integrity of knowledge gained.

Logikfx replaces boring lectures with hands-on, interactive lessons with fully customisable quizzes. A more effective, and fun way to learn.

Enrol here:
Use: EARLY20 (until 22/06/2021) for 20% discount

For non-economists:
Get started as a beginner, with no-white-collar jargon... or dive right into the advanced methods for professionals. Logikfx builds thinkers, not memorisers.

Master crucial skills:
Go from hands-on learning, with visual lessons to solving complex problems, and creating your own trade ideas. Develop confidence, like never before.

Stress less, understand better:
Not just information from a textbook... enjoy fun metaphors, guided problem solving, and learning from other retail trader mistakes along the way. At Logikfx, your natural desire will push you, not the fear of an exam.

This course includes:

14 hours of on-demand video lessons

Engaging and interactive quizzes to solidify your knowledge

31 interactive and application driven tutorials with on-demand video, examples, and interactive content

Responsive and supportive Q&A forum

Full lifetime access to the course so you can refresh your knowledge at any time

Accessible on any internet device (desktop browsers

Certificate of enrolment to certify participation of professional development

Learning Objectives:

Discover the financial market structures, and real word applications of foreign-exchange trading

Appreciate the importance of money and capital markets

Recognise the pitfalls that cause majority of forex traders to perform poorly, and others to succeed

Master the core forex trading terminology and calculations

Introduction to quantitative and statistical analysis

Navigate the global macro approach to trading with professional fundamental analysis

Observe a variety of charting and technical analysis methods

Interact with thought-provoking risk management methods used by industry professionals

Immerse into live trading examples, guiding you from start-to-finish

Join over 6 thousand people learning on Logikfx :

Beginner Forex Trading Course | Logikfx

ATR Calculator | logikfx

ATR Calculator | logikfx.

Top 3 Forex Trading Courses (Free vs Paid)

Top 3 Forex Trading Courses (Free vs Paid).

Pricing | Logikfx

Pricing | Logikfx.

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